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Stage 4 Teach Workshops, with Robert Pickles FBHS.

These are held monthly – please contact us for upcoming dates.

Robert Pickles, FBHS started riding at the age of six and has never looked back By the age of 11 Robert had joined the Western Hunt Pony Club where he went on to represent the branch on the Prince Phillip Cup Team at inter-branch show-jumping and Horse Trials. This was the beginning of a long and successful career as a rider, trainer, coach, BHS assessor, NVQ assessor, and judge.

Robert is fascinated by and passionate about horses – he is inspired by the great riders he has trained with – he takes great pride in both the horses and riders he has influenced.

Robert is very rider focused:  as a rider, trainer and judge he is used to looking at the rider from all three angles.  He has great empathy with riders and understands how one rider can easily perfect a movement where another one will find it extremely difficult to execute. Robert will concentrate on bringing out the best an individual rider can offer not drill them with exercises which ‘should be good for them’.

He is equally horse focused: as a rider, trainer and judge he is also used to looking at horses from many different perspectives.  He has worked with so many different types and breeds over the years that he has great insight into an individual horses’ capability; which buttons to push; how much to expect from them according to their age and experience; and when to reward them for doing their best.