Checkendon Horseback archery

Archery at Checkendon Equestrian Centre

Dimitri Christou is a British Horseback Archery Association (BHAA) Club Coach. He has represented both Great Britain and Greece internationally, and is now based at Checkendon Equestrian Centre.

Dimitri offers mounted horseback archery and unmounted ground archery lessons for all levels and age groups. 

Dimitri Checkendon Horseback Archery
Checkendon Horseback Archery

Requirements for horseback archery are any one of the following:

  • Riders hold a BHAA certificate
  • Riders must be able to ride in walk and trot 
  • Riders must be able to hit the archery target 10 out of 20 shots

If you do not meet any of these requirements, we offer lessons with Dimitri who will help you to acquire them.

Ground Archery

Ground archery lessons at Checkendon Equestrian Centre are available for both children and adults.  We offer group and private lessons.

You do not need to be able to ride to enjoy ground archery.

ground archery at checkendon



1 Hour Private Lesson £75

1 Hour Group Lesson £55/person



1.5 Hour Private Lesson £110

1.5 Hour Group Lesson £80/person



1 Hour Private Lesson £50

1 Hour Group Lesson  £25/person

To book for the following times please email

THURSDAY 9am to 4pm

WEDNESDAY and FRDAY 9am to 1pm

SATURDAY 9am to 4pm

SUNDAY 9am to 3pm

To book outside of the above times please email

Checkendon Horseback Archery
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Eri Dimitri Horseback archery