Q: I have ungraded riders on my account, can I still book?

A: Assessment lessons, Walks in the woods, Stable management sessions and Tiny tots lessons can all be booked as ungraded riders.

Once a rider has had an assessment lesson, then they will be graded.

Q: Why can’t I find my regular slot?

A: If your regular slot is not showing up it is most likely that your usual instructor is on holiday. 

Q: Why am I only seeing stable management as an option?

A: If you are only being shown stable management sessions then it is most likely that you are above our current weight limit, or you have accidently input the rider’s height, weight or date of birth incorrectly. You can edit these under the rider settings on your account.

Please note that it is important that we have the correct rider height and weight so we can allocate and prepare an appropriate horse. Failure to do so may result in a loss of lesson time if we have to change horses last minute or no lesson at all if there are no suitable horses available.

Please do not make bookings for a different rider than the one that will be attending the lesson. If the rider you wish to book cannot be booked, then there is no availability for them. 

Q: Why is a slot showing up as available, but I can’t add it to my basket?

A: Sometimes slots may show up as available, but they are only available for 30mins so cannot be booked by an adult rider as we only offer 45min lesson for adult riders.

Another issue may be that there is not a suitable horse available at the time of the lesson. If you get the ‘no horse available’ error code, then please email us as we may be able to swap some horse allocations around to free up a suitable horse.

Q: How can I book Horseback Archery?

A: In order to do the horseback archery all riders must have completed a ridden assessment lesson and be able to walk, trot and canter independently. They must also have a private ground archery lesson and be able to hit the target with 10 out of 20 arrows. 

Q: I have had my assessment lesson but am still showing up as ungraded, why?

A: Usually rider grades are input into the system within 48hrs of the lesson, if you are still waiting to be graded after this time, please email us and we will prompt the instructor to do the grading.

In the meantime, you can continue to book assessment lessons as these are the same as a private lesson.

Q: How do I book a walk in the woods?

A: The walk in the woods can be found under the private lesson time slots. We usually run walks in the woods between 10am-12pm on weekends and between 10am-4pm weekdays (sometimes later in the summer).

For riders 12yrs and over or for groups of 3 or more riders please email us.

Q: Why am I only seeing stable management or walks in the woods when I am within the weight limit?

A: Our different instructors teach different lesson types based on there qualifications and experience. If you are only seeing certain lesson as an option, then these are the only lesson types the available instructor can take. If another instructor is available at the time you have chosen then try changing instructor to see if the lesson types change, or you can select a different date/time.

Q: What is Tiny tot’s?

A: Tiny tot’s is a group lead rein lesson for riders aged 3-6yrs old where they will learn basic riding skills and have fun on the ponies. There will be up to 4 riders per group and each rider must be accompanied by a parent or other adult who will lead their pony during the lessons. A member of staff will be with you at all times.

Q: What should I wear?

A: We recommend long, comfortable trousers such as leggings or jodhpurs (no jeans) for
riding and a shoe with a small heel such as wellies or walking boots. No open
toed shoes or sandals allowed for riders or leaders. 

Q: Do I need my own riding helmet?

A: No, we have hats that can be hired and boots that can be borrowed.

Q: Why can’t I find any availability?

A: We are currently fully booked at the weekends and after school with regular riders, however we do sometimes have cancellation spaces. These free up 6 days prior to the day/time of the lesson so it is always worth checking on a Monday evening for availability for the week ahead. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for regular lesson, please email us. 

Q: Do you have an age limit?

A: Riders must be at least 3yrs old to do a walk in the woods or the tiny tots group. From 4yrs old they can do a private lesson.

For riders under 12yrs (child riders) we offer 30min lessons and 45min lessons, for riders aged 12yrs and over (adult riders) we offer 45mins lessons.

Q: How can I book for more than one rider to ride together?

A: For graded riders there will be an option at the bottom of the booking page before adding the lesson to the basket to add a second rider to the booking. Walks in the woods can be booked for up to 2 children without needing to be graded.

For groups of 3 or more riders for walks in the woods, hacks, lessons or birthday parties please email us.

Q: Do you offer group lessons?

A: We offer
group lesson for riders 12yrs and over and run a ‘Tiny tots’ group for riders
aged 3-6yrs on Saturday mornings. Riders must be graded before they can join a
group lesson other than the Tiny tots. The Tiny tot’s groups are bookable up to
14 days in advance and the other group lessons are bookable up to 6 days in
advance unless you have been added to the ‘rider group’.

To be added to the rider group you must be committed to joining the group on a regular
basis (at least 3 times a month).  

Q: What if my group lesson isn’t full?

A: If a group lesson has two people or less then a 45min lesson will be given instead of the hour. Tiny tots will always be 30mins.