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MOUSIE is 11.2hh, a member of the pony gang and loves walks in the woods and lessons. TAZ is another member of the pony gang! He is lots of fun to ride! Harvey         HARVEY is 16.1hh who likes dressage and jumping.
HOMER is a pony who loves to work in the school and to jump. ArtieARTIE is a dapple grey gelding who likes hacking and jumping. STORM is a new member of the pony gang, he is 13.2hh and loves to go out for hacks.
PEPSI – A lovely pony who likes everything from walks in the woods to jumping. PRINCE is 14.2hh and he is a Pocket Rocket!! JOE Everyone loves Joe, he is very well behaved and great to ride.
PEDRO is one of our weight carrying horses, great for hacking. HEIDI very placid and great for beginners. GUINESS is 15.1hh, he is a cob and favourite with everyone who rides him.
GRACE is 16.1hh, is a great all rounder, teaching beginners and more experienced riders. 1 525BLUEBELL is a beautiful mare, great with beginners and experienced riders. SHADOW is about 16.1hh and usually ridden by more experienced riders, but is a good all rounder.
1 535BENJI is a grey gelding who is very kind and loves his job! FlyteFLYTE loves to jump and go on hacks. RioRIO is a chestnut gelding who enjoys lessons with children of all abilities.