Inside Out provides primary school children in deprived areas of Oxfordshire and Berkshire with a ‘Magical Day Out’ designed to improve children’s wellbeing and, in turn, their chances of academic success. Based on a growing body of evidence, their principle is simple – ‘happy children learn better!’ – and they work with young children to prevent long-term mental health issues.

The day is divided into three sections, firstly an indoor experience where a mindfulness expert discuss emotions and how to deal with them, then an outdoor experience in the woods, where children actively discover the ‘5 Keys to Happiness’, and finally a riding and stable management lesson, which is always the highlight. 

The impact is shown back at school, where ongoing support means vulnerable children are more engaged and ready to learn.  So far we, at Checkendon Equestrian Centre, have worked with over 700 children from Inside Out and the idea is taking root across schools. We are looking forward to more dates in 2020, some of which have been booked up to a year in advance.

If you are interested in supporting the charity through fundraising or volunteering then please get in touch with Stephanie directly, who can be contacted at Follow Inside Out on Twitter at @TheInsideOut_ and visit their website at

Inside Out at Checkendon