Pedro is a massive horse, not getting any thinner;

That’s because he likes his food, especially his dinner;

I’ve seen him eat all sorts of things, he must have hollow legs;

But I’ve never seen him eat a plate of bacon and eggs!


Imagine if he did though, wouldn’t breakfast be a chore?

He would come to your house to eat your bacon, then he’d ask for more;

So you’d do him a bowl of porridge, creamy, thick and sweet;

And he’d say this is more like horsey food, something I can eat.

But if you want to feed him, give him something he adores;

He’s particularly fond of apples and he’ll even eat the cores!

About the author: In addition to being indispensible on the yard, Tara Martel is also our resident poet, source of amazing trivia, burlesque dancer and Mastermind contestant. That’s quite a list of achievements!

Ode to Pedro