“Beware! Take care!” your colleagues will shout;

“Please close the door or he will get out!”

All you’ll perceive (and this won’t make your day);

Is clattering hooves and a quick flash of grey;

“Oh no!” you’ll say, “oh what a bummer!” 

“Pepsi’s got out and he’s done a runner!” 

“He’s there in the car park charging about.” 

That’s what happens when Pepsi gets out. 

He’ll lead you on a right merry dance;

And he’ll be halfway to Woodcote if he gets a chance;

So grab a head collar and a handful of nuts;

He’s got to come in and no ifs and no buts. 

Heed this advice and do what you’re told;

And you will stop Pepsi from going AWOL! 

About the author: In addition to being indispensible on the yard, Tara Martel is also our resident poet, source of amazing trivia, burleseque dancer and Mastermind contestant. That’s quite a list of achievements!

Pepsi the Peril!